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The krill oil vs fish oil benefits

Krill oilKrill are small crustaceans which inhabit the coldest oceans of the world, mostly the North Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. They look like small shrimps. They are famous for giving krill oil, which is highly beneficial for your health.

Despite the fact that their size is 5 cm maximum, they make up the largest biomass on the Earth. According to the Canadian Company Neptune Technologies, there are around 500 million tons of them roaming in the northern seas, and 110000 tones of krill are harvested annually for getting krill oil. Continue reading

Low testosterone in women may cause the loss of sexual desire

Low testosterone in womenNot so many people know that the problem of low testosterone may be also applied to women. In the female body testosterone hormone is produced by the ovaries. For women this hormone is responsible for hair growth, muscle strength, libido, and normal level of physical activity. Low testosterone in women influences the sensitivity for sex.  It may sound surprising, but the low level of the main men hormone is affecting women more strongly. For a woman the normal level of testosterone in blood is not less than 70 ng per dl. The level increases during the pregnancy, but it goes down after the menopause, in cases of surgery operations on the ovaries, and in all cases of decreasing it strongly affects the sexual activity of a woman. Though, menopause is not supposed to be the main reason of low testosterone.

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Pure coconut oil is the perfect solution for your skin and for cooking

Pure coconut oil – the unique product Review

Pure coconut oilNot so many products in the world can be universally used both for skin care and for cooking. Pure coconut oil – the unique product created from naturally growing coconuts is the gift of nature for all people who like to cook and to give the good care to their skin. The history of coconut oil production goes back to ages. In Asian countries coconut oil is widely used, it is not expensive and many people can afford it. It is even used for hair care, in India it is used for massage and the Ayurveda procedures. But, if traveling in Southern and Asian countries, one should know that the coconut oil which is applied on skin may strengthen the solar effect. Nowadays coconut oil is mostly produced in Philippines and Indonesia, but also in India.

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Choosing 10 best running shoes in the smart way

best running shoesIt does not matter how far you want to run. Most probably when you are looking for the running shoes, you are looking for the comfortable ones. And definitely you want to choose from 10 best running shoes. Nowadays there are so many different types of running shoes that one may easily become lost in the big variety of choices. So, you have to be quite sure what are you looking for and what type of running will you prefer.

One of the latest trends of shoes makers is to create the product which will be able to provide the feeling of the barefoot. So, the sport shoes for running with five fingers were created. They will give you the feeling of ground. Such shoes are probably most well applied to the mild surfaces and are not very good for sprinter running, but are more comfortable for jogging for the average distance. Continue reading

The best body oil for your skin

Do you know how to choose the best body oil for your skin?

body oil for your skinThere is a big choice of different body oils for the different types of skin and different seasons of the year. Best body oil is always made only from the natural ingredients. It does not only provide moisturizing effect but also is aimed to enrich the skin with the needed minerals, vitamins, and what it is probably most important best body oil should protect your skin from bad ecological conditions, bad influence of toxins, microbes, bad weather, overheating or low winter temperatures, wind and rain.

Most of the people are used to apply the body oil on the skin after taking the shower or the bath. That’s because usually water makes the skin dry even if the skin is normal and healthy.
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Low Testosterone in Men

This is not about age; this is about low testosterone in men

low testosterone in menTestosterone is the main male hormone, which is responsible for the main male functions, hair growth, sexual activity, prostate functioning and many more. Most of the men start to think about such things like hormones when they become aged and they begin to see the first signs of low activity, usually connected with erection problems and low appetite for sex.

According to the information provided by endocrinologists all over the world, for the last decade this problem became more serious. But many doctors think that the problem of low testosterone in men has always existed, but in the old times men were more shy and confused to report about any sexual problems they may have. Nowadays people are freer, and more men are asking for medical help when they face the problem of bad erection or they don’t want to have sex any more.

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Is silk almond milk healthy?

What are the benefits of almond milk?

silk almond milk healthyHave you ever known that silk almond milk contains nearly 50% more calcium than the normal dairy milk? Yes, that’s true. Created especially for people leading active way of life, almond milk enables you to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and elements that the normal cow milk, and much more than that.

Almond milk is perfect for people allergic to lactose and vegetarians as well. It contains less calories and cholesterol than the dairy milk. Almond milk is extremely rich in Vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant, due to the main ingredients of the milk.

Many people elder than 30 begin to have the sort of disease that is called lactose intolerance. Nowadays this type of cow disease protein intolerance is quite common. So, silk almond milk is the good solution for people who have this type of problem. Continue reading

The uses of a Massage Roller – foam and stick

Muscle Roller StickIf you have no time to go to sports club, then using a massage roller may be a good idea for you. Twenty minutes on a roller is practically as good for your body as a sports massage which does not break the bank. The use of a foam roller is referred to myofascial release and is a type of muscle therapy intended to reduce stiffness and soreness which limits range of motion. The price of the foam roller for example is only about $20, what makes it an excellent and cheap way for preventing injury and relaxation.

You can easily guess that a foam roller is rolling foam. You have likely seen it in the gym, but you just might have overlooked how versatile the rollers can be. The principle of how it works is very simple: the body weight causes all the pressure that is necessary to roll out pain and stiffness in the areas where connective tissue connects to the bones.
The massage rollers may be used in numerous ways from stretching areas which are difficult to stretch to for massage, to balancing like you can on a balance disk.

Just like a good sports massage, using a roller will relieve stiffness, pain and tension over time, reducing the possibility of injury. This, in turn, allows you to settle your training schedule. Perhaps the most beneficial outcome of the foam roller use is the rehabilitation of scar tissue which is caused by a previous injury. When you make an injury in your muscles, muscle tissue shortens and scar tissue is formed. Using the massage roller is your possible answer to that pain. Try to roll out trigger points or some other injuries like shin splints.

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The best jogging shoes

jogging shoesType of pronation is the most important thing when choosing the best jogging shoes

One of the most important things when you choose best jogging shoes is to get to know what kind of runner you are. You have to pay attention to such characteristics of your feet as pronation. It is connected with the position of your feet during jogging or running and also during any high loads on the feet zone.

Most of the people are neutral runners in connection to their pronation. It means that they don’t overpronate or underpronate and that most probably they have the normal arch, which will provide the good stability and equal spreading of tension. Some people have flat feet, which usually causes overpronation during the running. In case of the normal type of pronation the outside part of the feet touches the ground first, and then the feet turn inward half way and then completely and stably position itself on the ground providing the needed support for the total weight of the body. This initial inward turning of the feet is called pronation. In case of overpronating the feet is too much turning inside during the first initial touch with the ground. In case of underpronation it behaves itself to the opposite. Feet don’t go inward as much as needed. So, in this case the position may be unstable and some of the parts of the feet are overloaded. You will also have to pay attention to the height of your arches. You would need special jogging shoes if you have high arch or a flat one. You can easily understand what type of arch you have by examining your feet from the toe to the hill.
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Nose Clip for swimming reviews

Nose Clip for swimmingIf you are always hanging in the pool or like to swim in the sea you will need to protect your nose from water and those unpleasant feelings when it comes too far and hurt you. But there is also a way out of any situation, nose clip for swimming will help to protect you from water. It look like a small piece of bent wire covered with rubber. It is being used by some swimmers, especially synchronized swimmers.

It is especially designed to clasp the nostrils and make water not to get into it, while activities such as synchronized swimming and if you are going to dive a lot. You can choose the nose up clip with a long band that yyou can wear around the neck in case you do not need it.
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