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Ba duan jin QiGong: Chinese practices

Ba Duan Jin QigongBa Duan Jin is a whole complete set of exercises which was passed on from ancient China.  Having a main influence in the medical and therapeutic world, China is most famous for using natural herbs and ingredients to fight diseases. The practice Ba Duan Jin QiGong may be described as a combined technique which derives from Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Chinese medicine and a history of wisdom.


It is comprised of eight exercises which are relatively very simple and may be practiced in any place or anytime.  They are easy to remember, to learn and to train.  The pace of training is adjustable – it can be fast or slow. The theory and practice of Ba Duan Jin are based on the Chinese medicine and religions; it is very beneficial for health and significantly yields positive therapeutic effects.

The term “Ba Duan Jin” means eight positive silk movements. In the early times when the practice was first seen by the ancient Chinese, they accepted it to be one of the favorite techniques of physical exercising due to its simple but elegant nature.  The eight exercises are graceful like silk.  That is why it is called Ba Duan Jin.


The eight movements of Ba Duan Jin Qigong are represented by the seven Chinese characters.  The characters are unique. Each one describes the main function and general purpose behind each movement.  The Chinese medicine theory explains how the main function of Ba Duan Jin may help to regulate body health and balance yin and yang. Ba Da Jin is really similar to other Asian practices like kung fu, etc., but it is really appealing due to its simplicity and logic behind its theory.


The goal of Ba Duan Jin is to balance yin and yang, strengthen tendons and improve body strength.  With the practice of Ba Duan Jin a person may expect health improvement, spiritual cultivation and even longevity promotion.

Ba duan jin

Some exercises of Ba Duan Jin promote circulation of qi in order to control yin and yang balance in the body. It is essential to prevent diseases. According to wise Chinese medicine, it is easier to prevent diseases rather than to cure them. The Ba Duan Jin exercises are used to regulate inner health and treat external as well as internal damages to the body.


According to Chinese medicine, a sign of great health is the unity of the body and spirit.  This harmony is what people need to achieve to become and stay healthy.  The benefits of this practice are expressed through strengthening muscles, learning to breathe properly, and making body more flexible.  The regular practice of the famous eight movements will help you bolster your spirit.  According to Chinese, breath (Qi), form (body) and heart (spirit) together make an organic whole.  So, in order to be healthy, we should train our body, brain and breathe to work in harmony by experiencing Ba Duan Jin.  This harmony is what we should try to achieve when doing eight famous exercises.

Video: Health Qigong ‘Ba Duan Jin’ Eight Treasures – by Master Faye Yip.

Health QIGONG..Ba Duan Jin ..called 8 pieces of Brocade or 8 Treasures .Teacher of this video is Master Faye Yip , President of British health QIGONG Association.She is also the Founder of Deyin TAIJIQUAN Institute UK. QIGONG has been practiced in CHINA for over 1000 years as a daily form of health exercise ! and NOW all over the entire Universe !

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