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Fitness ball – a new way for strengthening of your body

Fitness ball – a new way for strengthening of your body A while ago fitness industry introduced a brand new invention adding some novelty to the daily routine exercising. A fitness ball is a fitness appliance for exercising. The ball is usually made of elastic and can be inflated or deflated considering your personal needs.

The materials the ball is made of are rather durable and fit any body weight so you can be sure of your safety as your ball will work well with your weight. Initially the ball was invented in mid 60s of 20th century, however the aims and applications of these first balls were something different. The first fitness balls were used for newborns and infants’ treatment and training and developing and massaging their muscles. Then American health researchers tried the ball in patients with orthopedic and core problems. Continue reading

Pilates is a way to easily treat your body with enough workouts.

Pilates is a way to easily treat your body with enough workouts.Pilates in one of the most popular fitness practices used to tone and shape the body with no excessive loads and workouts.

The practice was developed in the early 20th century by German expert of physical exercises Joseph Pilates and since that time has gained immense popularity all over the world.

What makes Pilates so popular? This practice and fitness system I based upon simple rules and postures balancing your body. The pilates is mostly exercised on the ground, that is why a mat is required (the name of mat pilates is derived). Practicing pilates you will not find any complex sets of exercise combinations requiring more concentration of your attention on moves synchronization than effective workouts.


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Ab toner – a dream way to your perfect body!

Ab toner – a dream way to your perfect body!Everybody dreams of perfect body spending zero efforts and time. Some people try exhaustive exercises and gym workouts to get the result however the effect is close to zero. Why the abdominal muscles are so hard to work and train and are there ways to shape them ideally.

The constitution of a human provides a natural storing of fat in the abdominal area of the body. This affects the way the fat is burnt in the body. Being the main fat store abdominal area is hard to deprive of fats and thus shape the muscles ideally. Not every set of exercises can reach all the muscles. Many fitness guru have spent a lifetime to get a perfectly shaped abdominal. Now the ab muscles of your dream are possible to shape in the shortest period of time. Continue reading

Coconut water benefits: myth or reality

Coconut water benefitsCoconut water has been a natural source of nutrition, hydration, wellness, and beauty for more than 4 thousand years. In times of war, coconut water was used as a substitution for intravenous fluid and is reported to save many lives. It is a natural substance which can be injected safely into the blood stream of humans and animals. Now modern science and medical research have both validated its effectiveness.


Well, I do not think they are suggesting injecting the coconut water directly into your veins, but they certainly point out the coconut water benefits for your health. It is proved to be helpful for energy, muscle performance, weight-loss, stress reduction, heart health skin, hair and nail health, mental acuity, kidney cleansing, and natural hang-over cure.

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The main differences between Flaxseed Oil vs Fish oil

Flaxseed and Fish OilSince childhood we have all learned that fish oil is good for you despite the fact that it is disgusting. In addition, the benefits of it have been demonstrated by clinical studies carried out by American Heart Association. From their research, it was summarized that fish oil supplements can greatly reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease. It was also shown to decrease bad cholesterol levels, while increasing good cholesterol in your blood.


The results of the research studies have revealed that fish oil may be helpful in treatment such medical conditions, as macular degeneration, eye diseases, diabetes, depression, arthritis, inflammation, and even cancer.

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