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Coconut water benefits: myth or reality

Coconut water benefitsCoconut water has been a natural source of nutrition, hydration, wellness, and beauty for more than 4 thousand years. In times of war, coconut water was used as a substitution for intravenous fluid and is reported to save many lives. It is a natural substance which can be injected safely into the blood stream of humans and animals. Now modern science and medical research have both validated its effectiveness.


Well, I do not think they are suggesting injecting the coconut water directly into your veins, but they certainly point out the coconut water benefits for your health. It is proved to be helpful for energy, muscle performance, weight-loss, stress reduction, heart health skin, hair and nail health, mental acuity, kidney cleansing, and natural hang-over cure.

Before we go into further discussion, we should clarify the difference between the coconut water and coconut milk. The milk is obtained from coconut by grinding the coconut meat and squeezing out the liquid. It is high in fat and calories. A cup of coconut milk has about 550 calories. Coconut water is the liquid contained inside the coconut; it is low in calories and contains minerals, such as magnesium and sodium.

If we take a closer look at the quality of the coconut water, we may figure out that a lot of the health benefits of coconut water are claimed basing on its potassium content. Well, potassium is really beneficial for health. But, actually, all fruits and vegetables are great sources of it. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain important fibers, so taking recommended doses of fruits and vegetables per day will give you all the benefits you need. The benefit of coconut water in this sense is a little exaggerated. Of course, it is more beneficial to drink coconut water rather than simple water or various unhealthy drinks, but it is also important to eat fruits daily.

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So, what are real benefits of coconut water? They say it prevents dehydration. Well, water does it too. Just drink enough of it and you will be fine. As for promoting heart health, coconut water will work for it if you drink it daily, because all foods and beverages which are rich in potassium help prevent hypertension and stroke.


If you take enough food which is rich in microelements such as potassium and magnesium, they will reduce the possibility of kidney stones, so it comes as no surprise that coconut water works for it rather well. It is also believed to fight aging. Well, this is ridiculous, because recently everyone seems to fuss about it too much. However, people get older and die, and no one stays young forever. So, drinking coconut water will not make a miracle. It is just a healthy drink, which you should drink if you can afford to buy it regularly.


Overall, coconut water is a natural and reasonably nutritious beverage which appears to have some health benefits just like all fruits and vegetables do.

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Coconut Water is full of nutrients value and yet very under rated. Today Tyler quenches his thirst with coconut water. Tune in to find out if the purported benefits are worth it for you!


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