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Fitness ball – a new way for strengthening of your body

Fitness ball – a new way for strengthening of your body A while ago fitness industry introduced a brand new invention adding some novelty to the daily routine exercising. A fitness ball is a fitness appliance for exercising. The ball is usually made of elastic and can be inflated or deflated considering your personal needs.

The materials the ball is made of are rather durable and fit any body weight so you can be sure of your safety as your ball will work well with your weight. Initially the ball was invented in mid 60s of 20th century, however the aims and applications of these first balls were something different. The first fitness balls were used for newborns and infants’ treatment and training and developing and massaging their muscles. Then American health researchers tried the ball in patients with orthopedic and core problems.

What is there so beneficial of the ball?

Using the fitness ball in your daily exercises you make your workouts more effective as your body engages more muscles to balance the weight of the body placed on the ball and thus making these groups of muscles stronger after regular trainings. There are special fitness ball programs developed to strengthen abdominal and back muscles.

You can practice and do any exercises you need however placing your body on the ball or using the ball as a support for your back or arms or legs. There are a number of exercises with a fitness ball to use it as an additional cushioning.

Exercising with a fitness ball is safe. Fitness balls can be of different size, mostly from 35 to 85cm in diameter thus fitting every weight and height. Your height is one of the main factors to consider choosing a proper fitness ball. If you are new to fitness ball usage you should start with just sitting and feeling the response of the ball to your body and your body to the ball. When you will feel fit and secure on the ball and will have learned the main sitting techniques (you may find many techniques descriptions on the Internet) you may start with adding fitness and exercising tools and appliances.

Fitness ball turns your muscle workout and exercising more effective. You can do all the exercises with your ball even press ups using the ball as a cushion for your arms. The ball will make the up movement easier and the down movement harder thus boosting the effect.

You can use a fitness ball instead of your office chair to balance your back and shape your muscles during your work. However, for this purpose balance ball chair is more comfortable as provides a back support. But sitting on a fitness ball instead of your common chair will train your back muscles, shape your butts, work on the problem areas with cellulites. Fitness ball helps to escape back and joints pain as long sitting is bad and hard of legs and back. The ball will change your daily working routine in an advantageous fitness fun working on your muscles.

Fitness ball turns your muscle workout

Fitness ball is easy to use. You should inflate it to the required size keeping to the instructions and work and exercise with it just at home. You may face some problems with maintenance of the appliance. It is not a place-consuming item however, it is vulnerable to mechanical damages. That is why keeping it deflated is safer and more secure. Besides, inflating the ball will not consume too much time.

When unnecessary for your workouts the fitness ball can be used as a stylish add on to your décor and interior, be a fun toy for your kids or used as a chair. Be careful and keep the ball away from pets as they may damage it with claws or teeth.

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