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Low testosterone in women may cause the loss of sexual desire

Low testosterone in womenNot so many people know that the problem of low testosterone may be also applied to women. In the female body testosterone hormone is produced by the ovaries. For women this hormone is responsible for hair growth, muscle strength, libido, and normal level of physical activity. Low testosterone in women influences the sensitivity for sex.  It may sound surprising, but the low level of the main men hormone is affecting women more strongly. For a woman the normal level of testosterone in blood is not less than 70 ng per dl. The level increases during the pregnancy, but it goes down after the menopause, in cases of surgery operations on the ovaries, and in all cases of decreasing it strongly affects the sexual activity of a woman. Though, menopause is not supposed to be the main reason of low testosterone.

It is usually more connected with low production of this hormone by brain, and more often linked to aging or to some other reasons. Girls during the pubertal period may have the low level of testosterone, while women during their menstrual period may have the increased level of testosterone. For girls who are in the beginning of their pubertal period testosterone hormone is connected to further estrogen hormone reproduction, which is the main female hormone.

The woman should be very accurate in taking oral contraceptives, and should consult her doctor if she plans to start taking contraceptives. They usually affect the hormonal system and change the hormonal balance. Some other possible reasons of low testosterone in women may be high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer of ovaries, some infections like syphilis or meningitis.

It is very serious to notice the symptoms of low testosterone in time. The symptoms may visible or not visible, but they always affect the libido, so that vagina may be dry, the woman becomes to be unable to have orgasm, she is depressed, loses weight, but the fat is concentrated in the belly area, hair begins to fall out.

The possibilities for treating low testosterone in women appeared in medicine not a long time ago. Some modern blood hormone tests not only show the level of the hormones but also the dynamic of the possible decrease or increase.

High testosterone level in women may lead to their masculinization – they may have moustache, deepening voice, increasing aggression and irregular menstrual periods.

Among the factors that may decrease the level of testosterone in female body and lead to loss of sexual desire are stresses, not enough proper rest, bad diet. The main male hormone increases the good functioning of the vagina and clitoris, providing the normal sexual desire.

In many cases to keep the level of testosterone normal, there may be advised some changes in nutrition. Among women of post menopause age, the low testosterone is more often connected with high weight, and the high testosterone is usually more common for women who are skinny.

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