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The uses of a Massage Roller – foam and stick

Muscle Roller StickIf you have no time to go to sports club, then using a massage roller may be a good idea for you. Twenty minutes on a roller is practically as good for your body as a sports massage which does not break the bank. The use of a foam roller is referred to myofascial release and is a type of muscle therapy intended to reduce stiffness and soreness which limits range of motion. The price of the foam roller for example is only about $20, what makes it an excellent and cheap way for preventing injury and relaxation.

You can easily guess that a foam roller is rolling foam. You have likely seen it in the gym, but you just might have overlooked how versatile the rollers can be. The principle of how it works is very simple: the body weight causes all the pressure that is necessary to roll out pain and stiffness in the areas where connective tissue connects to the bones.
The massage rollers may be used in numerous ways from stretching areas which are difficult to stretch to for massage, to balancing like you can on a balance disk.

Just like a good sports massage, using a roller will relieve stiffness, pain and tension over time, reducing the possibility of injury. This, in turn, allows you to settle your training schedule. Perhaps the most beneficial outcome of the foam roller use is the rehabilitation of scar tissue which is caused by a previous injury. When you make an injury in your muscles, muscle tissue shortens and scar tissue is formed. Using the massage roller is your possible answer to that pain. Try to roll out trigger points or some other injuries like shin splints.

Stretching on a massage roller is more like rolling out pizza dough. Your muscles are stretched around the roller essentially. Specific areas of the body are not easy to stretch, for example, your outer thigh, but not for the foam roller. Lay down on your side on the with the foam roller several inches under your hip. Balancing on your elbow, roll back and forth to stretch your muscles. The pressure will stretches out the soft tissue in the outer thigh.

The foam rollers offer the same relaxation benefits of a good body massage. So, you may use the roller not only for your warm up before physical training, but also after you finish your training. Keep the rolling sessions around 15 minutes when you only start using the roller.

You may expect to feel a little pain as you may when you start body massage as well. When you use the roller start by rolling out the areas which can work together at a time, for example such as both calves, both hamstrings, or both quadriceps. Remember, to keep your body centered for symmetrical rolling.

Overall, the roller is a very cheap and useful tool to have. You may just use it to relax or to work out in some areas of your body which have pain. It may be especially good for your back and sides.

Men and women do workout and exercises to eliminate those unwanted body fat and bulges. They also choose to tone down their muscle tissue. They venture into balanced routines like aerobics, bodybuilding, belly dancing and ballroom. In the long run, they really feel worn out and exhausted. At times, their muscles are tight and sore. In other circumstances, muscle soreness is triggered by injuries and ailments. A superb massage from therapists can alleviate the pain. At times, beneficial massage tools are needed like muscle rollers. These are available in two types – Stick and Foam Rollers, which can show helpful to ease out sore muscle tissues and tight.


Massage Roller Stick

Massage Roller Stick is available in different measures. It uses hands to push the stick in to the muscle, and is ideal for general muscle massage. It’s best for that neck and back. The massage tool is ideal for moving over the muscles. And you may go whenever you travel or portable use.


The Stick Travel Stick

Massage Roller

This small 8 spindle model has a compact 17″ length. It has recently been popularized by the USA Cycling team for use on the lower limbs.The Stick is an innovative device used by runners and other athletes to segmentally compress and stretch muscle, and is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points, as well as for preventative purposes. This small model is a compact 17-inches in length, with eight therapeutic spindles to address most muscle groups with ease, and has rece

  • This red handled, The Stick is compact for travel. Excellent for lower limbs
  • 17″ long with 8 therapeutic spindles to address muscle groups with ease
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain
  • Accelerate muscle recovery and disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity
  • Dramatically improve strength, flexibility and endurance


The product is ideal for coping with sore muscles associated with running. Removes tenderness and it is simple to use on yourself! Has a great picture guide and also the service from the organization was fast and efficient.
– E. Goncy



Foam Massage Roller

The foam roller is applicable bodyweight for pressure. The foam roller works more effectively for that sides. It is always good for holding muscles over trigger points. The firmness from the massage tool varies. It is ideal for home or gym uses.

RumbleRoller, Deep Tissue Massage Rollers, Four Models

Physical practitioners, sports athletes, and trainers use foam paint rollers to alleviate muscular discomfort and rigidity (“adhesions”, “trigger points”, or “knots”). But conventional foam paint rollers have smooth, hard surfaces that further compress soft tissue. They improve bloodstream flow and versatility, however the effect is restricted unless of course spent considerable time moving.

The RumbleRoller was produced to carry out a more efficient therapy.

The RumbleRoller Manipulates Soft Tissue – Just like a Massage Counselor! The RumbleRoller consists of specifically designed bumps which are firm, but flexible, similar to the thumbs of the massage counselor.

While you rollover the RumbleRoller, the bumps knead the curves of the body, lightly stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions. This erodes trigger points, reinstates versatility, and relieves muscular discomfort.

The very best foam roller – I have used up to now for moving the IT band, thorasic spine, and quads. I acquired the travel size/Extra firm and it is made an enormous amount of difference. Those I have used before were not engaging in the musculature enough to obtain the traction and sheer required to relieve the strain. That one made it happen instantly. Well worth the cost/purchase.




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