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Pilates is a way to easily treat your body with enough workouts.

Pilates is a way to easily treat your body with enough workouts.Pilates in one of the most popular fitness practices used to tone and shape the body with no excessive loads and workouts.

The practice was developed in the early 20th century by German expert of physical exercises Joseph Pilates and since that time has gained immense popularity all over the world.

What makes Pilates so popular? This practice and fitness system I based upon simple rules and postures balancing your body. The pilates is mostly exercised on the ground, that is why a mat is required (the name of mat pilates is derived). Practicing pilates you will not find any complex sets of exercise combinations requiring more concentration of your attention on moves synchronization than effective workouts.


Pilates provides you a simple way to tone, strengthen and relax your muscles, making them more flexible and enhance the performance. All the exercises are done with the weight of your own body that means you will not need any additional appliances to enhance the loads on your muscles.

Pilates is one of the safest fitness systems. You will get a longer and much leaner body in a period of regular exercising. The practice is based on mind to body concentration meaning that you will concentrate on your muscles and joints flexion and catch the senses of strain. However, your pilates guru will explain you the methods and exercises. You should remember the only thing that mat pilates is safe enough to practice the system on your own. Pilates is applied in patients requiring recovery after injuries and traumas. Easy sets of exercises are performed slowly with no need of sharp rapid or fast moves so the tension in your muscles will grow gradually which cannot cause any muscle damage. The way the pilates is practiced performs no contraindications in any patients. You will not get any cardio workouts, joint burdens or other potentially dangerous loads and burdens.

Pilates practice mostly resembles yoga making your body, mind and soul work together on your body performance.


Why a proper mat for Pilates is of immense importance?

When you are, practicing Pilates your body should be entirely relax to boost all your senses and make your thoughts, senses and body performance coherent. Pilates mats are thicker than other issues on the sport equipment and appliances market. Each mat provides a softer cushioning than fitness mats. Besides the mat should accommodate the full length of your body and provide a spare space on each side for you to move a bit during your exercises performance. Your mat should enhance your comfort during your training. If you choose improper mat and feel uncomfortable during exercising, you will not be able to concentrate on your muscles, sensations and overall performance of your body.

Why a proper mat for Pilates is of immense importance?


What will be the effect of regular Pilates practicing?

What will be the effect of regular Pilates practicing?

The system is aimed at strengthening, flexibility and overall performance of your body and muscles. You will feel as your muscles get leaner and longer. Pilates engages mind and body. To get a proper relaxation you should learn special breathing techniques and adopt correct breathing to air your body from inside and thus help yourself to overcome pain and unpleasant sensations of stretching.

Pilates is a basic form of exercising preparing your body for advanced exercises with additional equipment. However, if your aim is just keeping your body flex and relaxed than pilates is quite enough for you.

Start your exercises today to feel next morning much better and healthier. This practice helps to enhance overall wellbeing. You will feel ease in every move. However if your body is not ready for physical activity you may feel some muscle tension for a short time before your body adjusts to the new lifestyle and physical activity.

Video – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend

If you want a slim, sleek, toned body, this is the workout for you. Pilates is great for creating long, lean, sexy muscles. Yoga gives you balance, flexibility, and strength. Creating dynamic movement within both disciplines burns calories. So we’ve combined all these elements to develop a revolutionary blend of flowing yoga and Pilates that is specifically designed to burn some spare calories — and give you a sleek physique — all from one beautiful, balanced, and effective workout.

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