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Low Testosterone

Low testosterone in women may cause the loss of sexual desire

Low testosterone in womenNot so many people know that the problem of low testosterone may be also applied to women. In the female body testosterone hormone is produced by the ovaries. For women this hormone is responsible for hair growth, muscle strength, libido, and normal level of physical activity. Low testosterone in women influences the sensitivity for sex.  It may sound surprising, but the low level of the main men hormone is affecting women more strongly. For a woman the normal level of testosterone in blood is not less than 70 ng per dl. The level increases during the pregnancy, but it goes down after the menopause, in cases of surgery operations on the ovaries, and in all cases of decreasing it strongly affects the sexual activity of a woman. Though, menopause is not supposed to be the main reason of low testosterone.

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Low Testosterone in Men

This is not about age; this is about low testosterone in men

low testosterone in menTestosterone is the main male hormone, which is responsible for the main male functions, hair growth, sexual activity, prostate functioning and many more. Most of the men start to think about such things like hormones when they become aged and they begin to see the first signs of low activity, usually connected with erection problems and low appetite for sex.

According to the information provided by endocrinologists all over the world, for the last decade this problem became more serious. But many doctors think that the problem of low testosterone in men has always existed, but in the old times men were more shy and confused to report about any sexual problems they may have. Nowadays people are freer, and more men are asking for medical help when they face the problem of bad erection or they don’t want to have sex any more.

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