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The uses of a Massage Roller – foam and stick

Muscle Roller StickIf you have no time to go to sports club, then using a massage roller may be a good idea for you. Twenty minutes on a roller is practically as good for your body as a sports massage which does not break the bank. The use of a foam roller is referred to myofascial release and is a type of muscle therapy intended to reduce stiffness and soreness which limits range of motion. The price of the foam roller for example is only about $20, what makes it an excellent and cheap way for preventing injury and relaxation.

You can easily guess that a foam roller is rolling foam. You have likely seen it in the gym, but you just might have overlooked how versatile the rollers can be. The principle of how it works is very simple: the body weight causes all the pressure that is necessary to roll out pain and stiffness in the areas where connective tissue connects to the bones.
The massage rollers may be used in numerous ways from stretching areas which are difficult to stretch to for massage, to balancing like you can on a balance disk.

Just like a good sports massage, using a roller will relieve stiffness, pain and tension over time, reducing the possibility of injury. This, in turn, allows you to settle your training schedule. Perhaps the most beneficial outcome of the foam roller use is the rehabilitation of scar tissue which is caused by a previous injury. When you make an injury in your muscles, muscle tissue shortens and scar tissue is formed. Using the massage roller is your possible answer to that pain. Try to roll out trigger points or some other injuries like shin splints.

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