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The best jogging shoes

jogging shoesType of pronation is the most important thing when choosing the best jogging shoes

One of the most important things when you choose best jogging shoes is to get to know what kind of runner you are. You have to pay attention to such characteristics of your feet as pronation. It is connected with the position of your feet during jogging or running and also during any high loads on the feet zone.

Most of the people are neutral runners in connection to their pronation. It means that they don’t overpronate or underpronate and that most probably they have the normal arch, which will provide the good stability and equal spreading of tension. Some people have flat feet, which usually causes overpronation during the running. In case of the normal type of pronation the outside part of the feet touches the ground first, and then the feet turn inward half way and then completely and stably position itself on the ground providing the needed support for the total weight of the body. This initial inward turning of the feet is called pronation. In case of overpronating the feet is too much turning inside during the first initial touch with the ground. In case of underpronation it behaves itself to the opposite. Feet don’t go inward as much as needed. So, in this case the position may be unstable and some of the parts of the feet are overloaded. You will also have to pay attention to the height of your arches. You would need special jogging shoes if you have high arch or a flat one. You can easily understand what type of arch you have by examining your feet from the toe to the hill.
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