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The benefits of body hair trimmer

body hair trimmerA body hair trimmer helps to manage the levels of hair growth on both males and females. While some people treat body hair as a nature’s gift to the human body, it does not provide real benefits to a person’s health and well being. Besides, a person’s body hair may also be home to some kinds of parasites such as fleas or ticks.

Some people are aware of this threat, so they use hair trimmers to stay neat and tidy. Especially, some private areas need proper cleaning and shaving for staying healthy.

On the other hand some men think of the body hair as a sign of masculinity and do not like to trim off their body hair. However, sometimes it may be necessary to convince a man to trim off excess body hair in order to promote body health.

In addition, shaved men look more attractive may attract more women on the beach or in the swimming pool. As for females, they conform to the cultural norms of shaving their body hair to keep the skin clean and smooth.  

For men it is different. However, recently most men started to use hair trimmers just as much as women. Maybe using it is a result of advice of a man’s girlfriend or wife. Or, perhaps, times change and people change too. Now it is not really sexy if a man has a lot of body hair. On the contrary, men with strong muscles and smooth skin are considered to be more attractive.

They say that a hairy back is generally undesirable both for men and women.  So, using a trimmer on the back is advisable.  People should regularly remove hair from their noses ears and underarms. Men with a lot excess hair in those areas look really disgusting, beside they atink and collect dirt and bacteria in the places of the body with excess hair. Luckily, nowadays there are various types of hair trimmers available, you can find the ones to be used for nose or for ears only, as well as other to be used for the whole body.

Shaving the genital areas may be a private thing to discuss, particularly with men. However, it is really necessary if you want to keep that place clean. Besides, a neatly trimmed area will be more attractive for women and create an illusion of a bigger manhood down there. It can also add to man’s confidence.


Choosing the right hair trimmer for you may depend on several things, such as gender, intended places for use, the brand, the price, etc. Most old fashioned people choose the ordinary shaving razors, but young people like to experiment. And we recommend you to go for new things, because modern technologies offer better devices which will take proper care of the areas of your body, keeping it clean and irritation-free. The modern hair trimmers come with changeable trimming heads which are intended for different areas of the body. Within the choices available on the market today, everyone will find something they are looking for!

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The Best body hair trimmer

All-in-One Trimmer with 5 attachments – Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100
All-in-One Trimmer with 5 attachmentsAll-in-One Trimmer with 5 attachments

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100, All-in-One Trimmer (Model # QG3330/42) has 5 tools for all-in-one facial styling, which includes a full-size trimmer, stubble comb, beard comb, nose trimmer and detail trimmer. The self-sharpening blades created of finely ground Chromium steel ensure long-lasting performance, while rounded blade tips and combs prevent skin irritation. The 18 built-in length settings gives you all you need to produce any facial style you would like. A high-performance rechargeable battery provides 35 minutes of cordless use after a 10-hour charge and is adaptable for worldwide voltage. The device is fully washable, simply rinse device under faucet for easy cleaning. Multigroom 3100 comes with a 45 day risk-free trial and a full 2-year warranty. Packaging includes: electric trimmer, full size trimmer, detail trimmer, nose trimmer; beard comb, stubble comb, power cord, and cleaning brush.

I purchased this for my spouse and he seems to truly like it. It has all the functions that he requirements for trimming. Plus it seems very reliable and sturdy. – q.z.
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