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Why Use A Yoga Blanket and Where to Look for It

Yoga BlanketsYoga is now becoming more and more popular, and a great way to perform yoga even better is by acquiring the right yoga accessories like great yoga blankets. The best thing about yoga and perhaps the reason why it is so popular is that you don’t even need to invest on a lot of heavy equipment just to get the exercise right. To perform yoga properly, all you need is a great yoga mat or blanket and your own body.

About Yoga Blankets

A couple of years back, the most famous yoga accessory were the yoga mat or the yoga pad. Nowadays though, the most sought after yoga equipment is the Mexican yoga blanket. This is because these blankets can be very convenient, flexible, efficient and best of all, affordable. They only cost a percentage of what yoga mats or yoga pads cost, and work just as great.

Advantages of a Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket can be very flexible, and as we all know, yoga is all about flexibility. These blankets can prove to be very efficient while doing yoga poses because you can fold it or adjust it any way you want to fit and support you while doing your various yoga positions. You can roll the blankets so it can support your back, legs or neck, which can be very useful while performing the yoga exercise.

Yoga may not require heavy equipment, but it still doesn’t mean that you won’t break into a sweat. Yoga can also be very tedious and can result to a lot of perspiration, especially while retaining a difficult position. These blankets can absorb the sweat that will help greatly while trying to maintain your desired yoga position.

Yoga blanket scan be very convenient economical wise. A high-class yoga mat or yoga pad can cost a lot while a blanket can also cost a fraction of what the former costs, and can still function just as great. These blankets are also very ideal for “Go Green” shoppers since most blankets are made from only the best organic materials.

A yoga blanket can also be very excellent for the picky shopper as there are a variety of these blankets available. There are a variety of blankets that are made from all sorts of different materials like cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester blend and much more. The best thing about these materials is that they can be easily washed, making a yoga blanket very easy to maintain. These blankets also come in many different designs, patterns and colors that will please your eye. There are even some blankets that are specially hand made and have excellent quality.

Disadvantages of a Yoga Blanket

A great yoga blanket can give you a lot of support and can really help you while performing yoga. However, if you’ve chosen a yoga blanket that is of poor quality, then you might end up having a bit of a problem. There are some blankets that may seem very economical, but the quality is actually very dreadful. Some low-quality blankets end up being very thin. These thin blankets may not be able to support you and may not function as effectively as you expect it would. However, this problem can be easily avoided if you invest in a thick blanket with a great quality.

Where to Look for Yoga Blankets

Yoga Blanket WomenThere are many stores online that sell a variety of these blankets that can be used for yoga. The advantage for buying a yoga blanket online is that there are a lot more items to choose from. There can be designs or patterns that you like that can only be purchased online. When buying a yoga blanket online though, it is paramount that you read into the details of the product thoroughly. Some of these online shops do not have a no-refund policy and once you’ve purchased the blanket and you found out that it doesn’t meet your standards, the shop cannot do anything about it anymore.

Yoga blankets are now also virtually available in every yoga equipment or accessory shop because of the increase of the demand for these blankets. They might be a bit more expensive compared to the blankets that you can buy online, but the advantage for buying in an actual store is that you can inspect the quality of these yoga blankets and you can find out if they will suit your standards.

  • Mexican Yoga Blankets

Mexican BlanketsThe Mexican blankets are hand woven and made from delicate, absorbent cloth and are quickly washable. The Quality Blankets are available in quite a few colors and styles.

Mexican blankets are utilized regularly in Iyengar and regenerative yoga practices. They’re able to be employed folded below sitting poses to cushion bones and joints, underneath you in repose positions to insulate from cold flooring, rolled or folded to provide help in poses, or just as a cover to warm you in Savasana.


I needed a blanket for yoga and also this fit the bill perfectly. It is actually the correct size, ideal price tag, also as good and delicate.

  • Wool Yoga Blanket

Wool Yoga Blanket
The blankets are woven, and each has a nicely finished side on it. They can very easily and safely be cleaned in a standard washing machine. Use this blanket for comfort, extra padding, warmth, or to lend support for yoga postures.

This blanket is exactly what I wanted. It is actually nicely made of high quality material. I use it as a winter blanket, and it is good and warm. The price tag is very affordable.

  • Cotton Yoga Blanket

Cotton Yoga BlanketYou requested, we listened! Our clients have been asking for just this blanket for yrs! The YogaAccessories™ Deluxe Cotton Yoga Blanket is made from 100% cotton and features a heavy, dense, tight weave for extra warmth, stability, and support.


These cotton blankets are ideal for yoga. Big enough to more than cover your mat, and can be folded good and thick for restorative yoga posture or support for any asana training! Edwin

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